Biodegradable paper straws

Biodegradable paper straws

What makes one product biodegradable? Is there biodegradable paper straws? A product is biodegradable if capable of being decomposed if placed in environment of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus. Biodegradable material could be food leftovers (fruits, vegetables meat), wood,


Our paperstraws are recyclable

Our paper straws are recyclable together with normal paper and board. Recycling is not for every product made on Earth. Let us look at the properties of paper and how it is made. Using paper does not harm the environment

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Compostable paper straws

Compostable paper straws What compostable means? Composting is the process of breaking down organic waste by microbial digestion to create compost. Compost has many beneficial uses including improving and fertilizing soil. To go through a composting process, organic waste requires

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Paper straws, 50 pcs., 200 mm, d6 mm
Paper straws, 235 pcs., 200 mm, d6 mm

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